Blake Johnson in Alis Wonderland 20th Bryce Kanights

5th of august 2018 ALIS celebrated the 20th anniversary of our beloved skatepark Wonderland.

With a new solar panel roof Wonderland looked prettier than ever, celebrating together with CPH Open and all our friends & family, it was made sure that it was a celebration never to be forgotten.With help from Baby Baby crew, the Wonder-bar was provided with more than enough beverages, so the money collected goes towards the next build-project, in Iquitos Peru Skatepark, in amazon. Good tunes was provided by Copenhagen music legends: Phase 5, Al Agami, Nicky Guerrero, Connie Jazz, Simon Dokkedal and Bikstok Røgsystem.

The skaters also fired up for a skate jam so holy even the gods must have been entertained!
The local skate hero and Alis rider Dannie Carlsen took the gold in the 20 year old skate bowl, surrounded by a big celebrating crowd.

Skater and photographer Bryce Kanights shared with us some of the epic moments he caught on lens:

Dannie Carlsen in Alis Wonderland 20th Bryce KanightsDannie Carlsen

unknown skater in Alis Wonderland 20th Bryce KanightsMarie Dabbadie

Bjørn lillesøe i alis wonderland 20th bryce kanightsBjørn Lillesøe

Chloe in Alis Wonderland 20th Bryce KanightsChloé Bernard

Ishod Wair in Alis Wonderland Skate Park 20th Bryce KanightsIshod Wair

Kevin Baekkel in Alis Wonderland skate park 20th Bryce KanightsKevin Baekkel

Joey in Alis Wonderland skate park 20th Bryce Kanights Joey Neubert Pedersen

Evan Mock in Alis Wonderland skatepark 20th Bryce KanightsEvan Mock

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We are looking forward to many more celebrations!

Sunshine & Happiness


Written by Albert from Wonderland