Alis Wonderland 20 years

Skateboarding is in our DNA after being involved in the Danish skate scene from the beginnings, taken part of the growth of the culture. In the summer of 1998 the skate bowl in Christiania was build by Alis and their friends. 
 The wooden bowl was completed and named Wonderland. The indoor skate park is also used to host skate competitions, parties, concerts, exhibitions and charity event.
The buildings of Wonderland is never ending, the locals adding to the skate park every year. even a concrete loop is now standing.

Celebrating it’s 20th anniversary in 2018 Christiania celebrated by building a new high tech solar panel roof.

Wonderland is open 24/7 and providing free wounds and blue marks to this day. you can follow, and scroll throw more history in 


 Summer of 1998 Construction of @alis_wndrlnd

Summer of 1998 - Construction of @alis_wndrlnd


Wonderland, Summer 1998

Tom Penny in Wonderland, 1998

Dannie Carlsen, Gap FS Disaster in Wonderland, 2015

Wonderland, 2016