Back in December 2017 we went to meet up with Make Life Skate Life and Levis Skateboarding again. This time in the small fisherman village Taghazout in Morocco.

alis in morocco by alena tcibina

With a big surf and skateboarding community these people was really in need of a skate park, and luckily that is exactly what they got. With the help of locals and about a 100 volunteers from all around the world, the skate park was finished after just 3 weeks. The skate park has a lot of good details to skate, like the mosque entrance, the palm tree in middle, or the huge wave created by Wonder concrete. All with a view overlooking the colorful city, mountains and the big blue sea, this place should definitely be on your travel list. 

Taghazout skate park had a big opening celebration, and the guys from Levis Skateboarding was there to document it. See the short documentary they did here:

Skatepark of Taghazout Morocco Super 8 Builder's Edit from Jerry Mraz on Vimeo.


 We also strongly recommend this article from The Berrics interviewing Arne Hillerns, Founder and Executive Director of Make Life Skate Life. Click here

All photos by Alena Tcibina