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420 the forbidden Asset

We estimate that Denmark have spend Hundreds of billions of
DKK since 1961 to keep cannabis illegal.
Alis is asking  -  What do the Danes get out of the enormous spend?
Word form Torsten Gejl member of the Danish parliament.
Jeg er sikker på, at cannabis på et tidspunkt bliver legaliseret i Danmark. Dels er der flere og flere danskere, der støtter en legalisering, dels er der nu fem partier i Folketinget, der støtter......

Supporting the underground

We have been supporting the underground since day one  And with the skateparks that we have helped out building in Asia  It’s time to see how the s...

Dannie Carlsen at "Mano A Mano "

Dannie Carlsen went to camp woodward earlier this year to compete in the infamous miniramp contest "Mano A Mano". The contest format is just like ...

ALIS blame us

Niels Buhl went on a mission visiting some of the wonderful spots of Copenhagen together with the ALIS team Nicky Guerrero, Søren Noe , Jonas Bu...

The Forbidden Asset

Hemp Production

The sustainable textiles of the future are made from hemp.

The Legalise Stencil T-Shirt is made from a Hemp & Organic Cotton blend yarn, comes in a heavy 240g quality and features a toned down stencil logo print. It's all-in the name. Made in a regular european fit, true to size.