Albert, Nicky Guerrero, Dannie Carlsen, Jonas Bünger and Bjørn Lillesøe went to visit the ALIS family in Japan. Albert was already in Osaka, Japan earlier in 2016, to help the Proty team to build a indoor concrete bowl named “Wonderland Osaka” Check out the family...

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Fresh Paint

  When you watch skate clips from the Wonderland bowl, the Graffiti on the walls always helps you to remember what time period the picture or clip is from. Like the desolate desert from early 2000´ or the dark jungle pieces around 2010. Some local...

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ALIS in Nepal

In December 2016 Albert from ALIS traveled with his young son to Kathmandu, Nepal, to meet up with his friends from #makelifeskatelife. The mission was to fix up a small neglected skate spot in the capital, and at the same time try to work out...

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