Supporting the underground
We have been supporting the underground since day one 
And with the skateparks that we have helped out building in Asia 
It’s time to see how the scene has evolved so co sponsoring this years event of jugaadsb an online skateboard contest for Nepal, India , Myanmar and the Maldives .
Click and Scroll down to see the talents coming out of the region 
Netflix announced that they are acquiring Desert Dolphin, the long-awaited movie debut from Indian filmmaker Manjari Makijany. Desert Dolphin tells the story of Prarna (Rachel Saanjita Gupta), a girl in rural India who gets into skating and works toward competing in a national championship. They even built a skatepark for the film, the Desert Dolphin Skatepark, which is free to skate and is one of the biggest parks in India. (Watch a video on the making of the skatepark, located in the Khempur-Mavli district, above.) Netflix expects to premiere Desert Dolphin some time this year 
Written by martin hinz